Projectes® is a studio at Barcelona devoted to project and to produce videos and websites for documentary purposes, in particular, about science and technology.

It offers services of scripting and contents for producers, advertisement agencies, publishers and, in general, for companies and institutions who want to communicate ideas, processes and techniques through audiovisual media. denotes documentary and network.

Their products are inspired by the concept of network: network of interrelated ideas; network of complementary media —text, image, sound, Internet— and network of people who share a same interest.

Also they differentiate themselves by the application of an experimented narrative and the appropiate use of digital visualization and interaction techniques. creates and helps to create attractive and reliable images for the description of reality and the dissemination of knowledge.

Docunet Audiovisual, SL    

This graph represents the Fibonacci Spiral constructed from the numerical series that Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci conceived of in the XIII century.